NSW Automation | Fluid Dispensing Solutions Provider
NSW is Malaysia based company who provides precision fluid dispensing system and various types of liquid dispensing solutions for Semiconductor manufacturing & LED packaging industries with more than 15 years of experience. Our main R&D Centre & Manufacturing plant is located at Penang (Malaysia). We are linked across the world with multiple branches, Service office, and sales points in China, Philippines, Korea, USA, Germany, South Korea and many more.
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NSW Automation is linked with multiple branches and service center around the world. We have experts and sales support in many countries to support clients from different timezone.



We are ISO certified manufacturer, Quality Control is vital. Our mission is to provide the highest quality product to our worldwide clients.



Our dispensing equipment is capable to dispense liquid as small as Ø-40μm (dot size). In 2014, NSW technology achieved the world’s smallest in dot size.

NSW Staff and Team


We collaborate with talent around the world, creating innovated high precision dispensing equipment for electronics manufacturing needs.

NSW pp4 pump


NSW is a leading global company who specializes in precision fluid dispensing solutions for today’s advanced electronics manufacturing market. Founded in 2004 with headquarter in Penang, Malaysia, we have succeeded in the delivery of a wide range of high performance and extremely reliable dispensing products for supporting our global customer’s needs.

Technology &

Our seamless ‘Digital-Programmable Volumetric Technology’ and ‘Micro Volume Squeezing Technology’ have created significant breakthrough for moving towards the new milestone of today’s dispensing equipment market.

Our Products

NSW Automated Fluid Dispensing System known as Automated micro volume liquid/fluid dispensing equipment, it is widely used in mass production environment that required high speed, efficiency and precision repetition likewise in R&D lab environment which required high attention to cleanness, accuracy and preciseness.


i-DR S320A

The S320A fluid desktop dispenser is controlled with NSW Self-developed Mini onboard pump controller & domputer. This light-weight compact desktop format dispensing integrated with multiple advanced features to handle today’s basic liquid dispensing applications to complex demand. Given that its compact size allows engineers to dislocate to any given location without consideration on space limitation.


i-DR S400

This NSW precision fluid dispenser perfectly engineered to match various types of today’s miniaturize electronics devices manufacturing needs. It is designed to handle application such as micron level dispensing and wafer-level packaging and other’s miniature device packaging. In addition, it is built with enclosed base cover onto reinforced solid granite base allowing it to deliver extreme stability and outstanding performance in speed and overall accuracy.


i-DR S400H

The S400H is the NSW latest flagship advanced Precision Fluid dispensing System. This equipment is perfectly engineered to handle various types of R&D laboratory demand at groundbreaking fluid dispensing resolution of 40μm to an accuracy of 1μm. It is built with fully enclosed cover onto reinforced solid granite base allowing it to deliver extreme stability and outstanding performance in speed and overall accuracy.


i-DR A301

i-DR A301 is an advanced single pump fluid dispenser, it is engineered to handle various types of large-scale semiconductor device packaging demand. It is built with fully enclosed cover onto reinforced granite base. It comes with closed-loop linear encoding system onto the primary XY gantry system allowing extremely stable operations and higher accuracy.


i-DR A302

i-DR A302 is our best selling precision fluid dispenser, this dual pump dispensing equipment is popular for user who demand higher result quality and better production throughput. Furthermore, this system is flexible and accurate to use on various types of applications, it has high capability to handle from mid-to-high complex dispensing applications.


i-DR A304

i-DR A304 is a 4 pump head fluid dispenser, it perfectly engineered to handle various types of large-scale semiconductor device packaging demand. Additionally, this system integrated with a complete 12 independent programmable motorized axes motor to support various types of different unpredictable board layout design hence it efficiently increases a huge step to benefit production throughput.

Application Solution

Discover varieties of application sample created with NSW Fluid dispensing system, equipment and pumps.

NSW Micro dispensing logo white
Dispensing Solution Result

Precise like a Space Shuttle,

Resolution thinner than Hair.

NSW latest breakthrough the Micro Dispensing Technology, it allows us to achieve world’s tiniest liquid dispensing resolution of 40μm. In addition, This microscopic size is achievable with the latest flagship model The S400 and A300 Series. Therefore its precision and accuracy enable our client to dispense various types of material with diminutive size hundreds time smaller than human hair.

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Penang, Malaysia HQ
Dongguan, China
Laguna, Philippines
Penang, Malaysia HQ

Full Address: 
NSW Automation Sdn. Bhd.
No.1 Jalan Beringin,
Batu Maung, 11900
Penang, Malaysia.

Company ID: 659959-W
Postcode: 11900

+604 626 6963


Dongguan, China

Full Address:
YiChengWei Technology CO., Ltd
Pusu Industrial Park,
No.9, Wusha Zhenrong Road,
Changan Town, Dongguan City,
Guangdong Province, China

Address in Mandarin:


+86 769 8188 9080



Laguna, Philippines

Full Address:
NSW Automated Solution Inc.

Unit 2, Ground Floor,
Rojjula-M4 Corp. Bldg.,
Bailon St., Rosario Village,
Brgy., Sala, Cabuyao,
Laguna, Philippines 4025.